The Jamison Treaty

We the humans, as one collective people, set forth on this fourth day of August in the year two-thousand-twenty-eight, these principles to allow for peace between the species of humans and shapeshifters...

Alexia Williams

Alexia Williams was a young wife and mother before the war with shapeshifting humans began. In the blink of an eye she lost her husband and infant son to aggressive shifters she'd thought of as human friends. Years later, she mans the wall separating the countries of CHS and FNT. She is one of a force of soldiers trained to keep shifters out of human lands by any means necessary. She takes her job very seriously and has made a name for herself among the shifters. They know her as Death.

  • 5'8" tall
  • Waist-length, dark brown hair usually kept in a braid
  • Uses the standard Glock assigned to all military personnel, but also carries a sword for close encounters.
  • Has almost no obvious sense of humor. If she's smiling, you'd better have a gun in your hand.